3YO Process: Awareness

Higher Awareness
+ Greater Clarity
+ Deeper Commitment
 + Smart Action = Results

Having the awareness to see the real picture.

Experience tells us that business repeats itself mindlessly - unless we become mindful.

Another word for being mindful is being 'aware'.

To be aware in business is to be open, alert, full of insight and always ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities. We are at our most powerful and effective when we operate from a heightened state of awareness because true insight is only possible through awareness.

Here's the real point - it is not what you know that gets you into trouble in business. It is what you know that isn't so!

Step back from the coal face, see everything with fresh eyes, see things as they are (not only as you'd like them to be), let go of tightly held beliefs and perceptions - expand your awareness and understanding.