3YO Process: Action

Action that delivers your intended results.

Inspired Action is about channeling all of the resources of the business in the right direction to create impact, momentum and ultimately results. Where the attention goes, the energy flows and the results flow.

The #1 Law of Entrepreneurship states that “opportunity will always exceed resource”. 

​Just ask anyone in the middle of a ‘start up’ and they’ll tell you that their greatest frustration is in not being able to bring more resource (time, $$, people, energy, expertise) to the table to execute on their idea.

The same goes for established businesses wanting to drive innovation and business development. 

The truth is that we’ve never met anyone yet – start up or established – who has claimed they have all the resource they need! Organisations tend to grow in the direction they focus their attention and that is always at its most powerful when the whole crew is paddling in the same direction.

So here’s the trick. It is all about building momentum – and momentum is all about directing your attention (action & resources) on a few key things that will get your boat moving in the right direction, with the whole Team on the same page with executing on your plan.