November 14

3YO Process: Awareness, Clarity, Commitment, Action

For decades, the organisations that have achieved the greatest reward and meaning are those that:

  • Operate from a place of heightened Awareness
  • Have absolute Clarity of purpose and direction
  • Demonstrate a deep Commitment to implementing strategy
  • Take massive and consistent Action on things that count

Here's the trick:

  • What You Focus on in your business expands - focus on what is right, not what's wrong
  • What you Think about you become -  are you looking at your glass half full or half empty?
  • What you Fear you attract - obstacles are the things you see when you take your eye off your goals
  • What you Resist persists - make the tough decisions early because nothing will change until something (or someone) moves
  • What you Examine disappears - there is always a solution when you are committed to the outcome


3YO Process

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