“I have known Kevin since 2005. He has been an inspiration for the directors and management team of New Zealand Fresh Cuts. I struggled for years trying to articulate my Vision for the company and deliver a clear message around which Values were really important to us. Kevin managed to extract from me what our company stands for, where we want to take it and how to get there as a team. Even today we still reward our employees who are true and passionate about the company Values from the living document that Kevin put together for the company over 6 years ago"
  - Ashley Berrysmith, Governing Director, Snap Fresh Foods

“Kevin has helped to breathe new life into our company. Not only is he organised and enthusiastic but he has brought a real clarity to our planning and execution. I thoroughly recommend Kevin and enjoy working with him.”
- Keith Sumner, Managing Director, Gilpin Corporate Travel

“Kevin is an inspiring business coach whose passion, skill & years of experience help to bring clarity, insight & solutions to a wide range of challenges facing my business. His positive approach makes him a pleasure to work with.”
  - Robb Huskinson, Managing Director, HTC Specialised Tooling, President Entrepreneurs Organisation NZ Chapter

“I have worked with Kevin over 12 years in three different roles and projects. He has been a coach, consultant and a co-director in my work in the community sector in NZ over this time. Kevin has an enormous capacity for connecting sound business process with big vision. He can be relied on to bring a new point of view and perspective, and on a week to week basis do whatever it takes to bring a project to fruition. Kevin is an environmental researcher, his keen observations of what is going on around us, how it relates to business trends and opportunities are incredibly useful in the fast pace of social enterprise and start up business.”
 - Vivien Maidaborn, Social Entrepreneur, Principal Maidaborn Group 

“Kevin is unique - never have a I met anyone able to inspire business people and give true meaning to business the way Kevin does.”
- Claudia Nelson, Owner, The Right Staff Recruitment, Tauranga

“Meeting Kevin has meant a richer and fuller life for myself, my family and my business endeavours. Kevin’s ability to bring clarity and precision to a situation has empowered me to bring various commercial projects to a successful fruition. His deep understanding of business, together with his ability to sift the wheat from the chaff in practical business terms, means his thinking is always fresh and relevant in an ever changing marketplace. If you have the privilege of working with Kevin, take it from me, your life will not be the same again.”

- Dietmar Dyck, Founder & CEO, Think Group

“Challenger, questioner, supporter, motivator, ideas provider - having Kevin on my team is like having the top 100 business advice books on my shelf - opened to the right page."
 - Diane Bussey, Managing Director, FACT Solutions Ltd

“I have known Kevin since 1998 when he first presented at our company conference. We have kept in contact over the years until in 2009 we invited Kevin to work with the owners and Board on a revitalisation plan for Hydraulink. Having grown to market leadership in New Zealand and growing quickly in Australia, we needed to refocus our strategy both nationally and internationally. The results have been outstanding with double digit growth in New Zealand and Australia, and a renewed sense of purpose and direction throughout all levels of the business. So much so, that we are now looking at opportunities for International expansion. I have also involved Kevin with my other activity assisting St John to develop clear strategies at board and management levels in a very challenging health sector environment. His guidance and involvement are highly regarded at all levels at St John. Kevin’s skill base and experience is just as relevant for business and not-for-profit organisations. You will not be disappointed by involving Kevin in your organisation."
 - Lee Short, Owner/Director- Hydraulink Fluid Connectors, Priory Trust Board Member - St John New Zealand

“I consider my time working with Kevin to be one of the most life rewarding experiences I have ever had…"
 - Elaine Gallagher-Dekker, Senior Organisational Development Advisor Auckland City Council

“Kevin has made an invaluable contribution to the development of the strategy and vision of the Greenstone brand and business"
  - John Abel-Pattinson, Managing Director, Greenstone Group

“Kevin has a unique ability to deeply understand what is really important to your success and then distil business down to simple processes that help you to focus on those things that drive performance.  Kevin also has an amazing understanding of customers and the sales process, and that has been hugely beneficial to me in business.  Where Kevin is unlike any other advisor I have ever worked with is that he takes a genuine interest in all faucets of your 'world' - both personal and business and offers sound, practical advice that you can actually implement.  Both me and my management teams have benefited greatly from Kevin's advice and I thoroughly recommend him to any organisation wanting to stand out from the crowd."
 - Stephen Dench, General Manager, Fresh Connection Ltd

“Kevin is an inspiring business partner. I say partner because he has a genuine passion for the businesses he works with and the people in them. He makes it his goal to understand all the dynamics involved. Kevin is never afraid to challenge or question decisions, offer perspective and he gives incredible insight and direction. My personal and professional growth from working with Kevin has been immense and our company would not be where it is today without having him involved"
 - Lance Best, Managing Director, Voyager Luggage

"One really powerful trait Kevin offers is his ability to ask the right question and at the right time. This can be a very insightful question – or a really annoying one (you know - the ones you have been trying to avoid thinking about). Whatever way you take the question – it will add value. And this is always done from a position of supportive development. Having worked with Kevin in a previous business and also knowing him just as a friend, time shared with Kevin is always worthwhile. You always come away in a very good ‘space’!"
- Graeme Hogan, General Manager, Natural Health Laboratories

“Kevin is an inspiring Business Coach whose passion, skill & years of experience help to bring clarity, insight & solutions to a wide range of challenges facing my business. His positive approach makes him a pleasure to work with."
 - Robb Huskinson, Managing Director, HTC Specialised Tooling, President Entrepreneurs Organisation NZ Chapter

“There have been a few people who have made a big difference to the path of my business and my life. Some have supported me in the tough moments, some have helped me ‘lighten up’, some have helped me do what I would have preferred not to do, others have encouraged me to “just do it” with vigour and some have helped me to understand. Kevin has been all of these people to me on numerous occasions, and for that I am especially grateful to him."
- DJ, Business Owner