Times of great change require bold thinking and action. The way we see it there are only two choices (well, just one really). We can become victims of change. Or we can use this unique moment in time as a powerful motivator and catalyst to innovate, invigorate and transform our businesses.

New Zealand’s richest man used to drive tow trucks.

The world’s richest man had a large but simple dream, which most people thought was verging on madness 30 years ago.

The 2009 NZ ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ only really got going at age 48, and is now worth more than $100m

A New Zealand fitness centre now has more than 6 million people doing its classes each week in more than 13,000 gyms around the world, which makes it more than $100+m revenue p.a.

One of New Zealand’s fastest growing companies only got started in 2006 and already has a market cap of $1.8b

10-15 years ago most high net worth in the UK was inherited, now a lot of it is entrepreneurial.

Google was founded in 1998 and is now worth > $280b, despite the GFC. This makes it worth more than solid innovative diversified companies such as GE and 3M, and worth far more than some of the pillars of modern society (such as global banks, US car companies etc)

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